2.6 Challenge

2.6 Challenge

Welcome to the 2.6 challenge! – Covid-19 is impacting everyone, everywhere, and the charity sector is also feeling its disastrous effects.

To support charities, organisers from the nation’s biggest fundraising event, the London Marathon, have created the 2.6k challenge for everyone to give back to the causes they support.

Support U are looking to raise the funds to by our home in Castle Street, so 

Jess, instead of walking 100km in September will be climbing the stairs in 15 Castle Street 260 times, this is the equivalent of walking up and down Ben Nevis in Scotland. 

Chris, in light of his planned half marathon will be running 26km while staying within 2.6 km of his home.

If you’d like to fundraise with us, simply set yourself a challenge such as a 2.6k jog or climbing the stairs 26 times and start raising money so we can continue to Support U.

For more information and fundraising ideas please head to:

Please use the link below to donate to Support U:




Staying Safe while in lockdown

Are you finding it difficult to be yourself right now?

There are 1’000’s of LGBT+ people in the same position. The added issue for you is that you can’t call anyone, the house is busy and someone might hear you.

Here at Support U we have a dedicated team ready to take an online chat with you. Please use it and go stealth, if you can.

Everyone talks about mental health but if what your hiding is hard for you to talk about, then reach out to us. We are a confidential support service for LGBT+ and questioning people. 

You are not alone. We stand by you. We respect your situation and understand it.

Covid19 isolated number

Support U is here to listen.

We know that time in social distancing and isolation can be lonely, so we have created a new dedicated phone number for those that need a friendly voice or just want to chat to someone. Regardless of your gender or sexuality identity, we are here for you. Let’s all make sure everyone is safe and not feeling alone – after all, we are all in this together.

We can’t help with prescriptions or collect your shopping but we do have volunteers available, who are more than happy to have a conversation with you.

Call this dedicated number 0800 048 9303 for a general chat.

Open Monday to Wednesday 10am to 4pm and Thursdays 10am to 8pm, our volunteers are happy to chat on a one-off basis and, where possible, we are taking requests for a regular call back whilst the social distancing rules are in place. So #letstalk.

If you wish to call about your gender identity or sexuality you can still call on our dedicated support line: 0118 321 9111.

COVID-19 update

Support U is currently monitoring CoronaVirus, COVID19 in line with official advice. During this time, we ask that our clients do not attend Support U for their appointments if you feel you may have the symptoms outlined by the NHS England.  

We have vulnerable people that attend our service and cross contamination is a concern. We want to continue to offer our service, so that the clients we see can still have their regular contact with someone in person. Many of our clients are isolated and lonely due to their Gender and Sexuality identity, we are their only contact in the week.  If you have an appointment and feel you need to cancel because you ‘may’ have the virus, we can offer a video or telephone call in it’s place*. Our groups continue to be cancelled for the current month. 

Thanks and best wishes, Support U Management  

Link to NHS https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/
Link to Government guidelines. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/covid-19-government-announces-moving-out-of-contain-phase-and-into-delay

*We can not offer video or phonecalls if you are in counselling

EDIT: Mar31. Our counsellors are now able to offer you video or phone call counselling. Please request this with your assigned counsellor.