Feedback & Complaints

We're committed to growing through feedback and we value your input!

Effective Date: 1st June 2022
Last Updated: 25th July 2022

At Support U, we want to deliver our best service to you, the first time, every time. We are committed to listening to and incorporating feedback in our working methodology and governance in order to ensure that we are always meeting your needs.

From time to time, we recognise there are things that could be done differently or areas we could work on to make things better for you, and thats why we have formalised our feedback and complaints process so that you have a clear understanding of what to expect from us when things are not quite right.

We welcome both positive feedback and complaints about our services, and respect both types of feedback as they enable us to focus on your needs.

You can make a complaint if you’re not happy:

  • with the information you’ve been given
  • about how you’ve been treated
  • because you’ve had difficulty getting in contact

How to get in touch

You can provide feedback via a number of channels including:

  • To our team members at our events and groups
  • Via our annual survey for service users
  • Via google/facebook reviews
  • To our social media handles
  • Via the chat facility
  • During your 1:1 sessions with our team.

In most cases, we would ask that formal feedback and complaints are submitted to us via our contact forms on our website, however you may also contact us by telephone or by post to our head office.

For concerns related to your data, you may also reach our data protection officer at dpo @

How we deal with complaints

Our frontline lead might offer to talk through your problem informally instead of starting the formal complaint process. Talking through your problem might be quicker and less stressful.

If you don’t want to talk informally or it doesn’t help, we will deal with your feedback as a formal complaint.

Step 1: Investigating the complaint

The Frontline Lead will investigate the complaint. If the complaint is about Frontline Lead, the Chief Executive will investigate and if the complaint is about the Chief Executive Officer, the Chair of the Board of Trustees will investigate.

Step 2: Investigation outcome

Once a full investigation is completed, the investigating officer will send you a formal reply by email or post. You’ll usually get the reply within approximately 8 weeks. They’ll let you know if it’s going to take longer.

Step 3: Ask for the reply to be reviewed

If you’re not happy with the reply to the complaint, you may ask for the complaint to be reviewed by a senior staff member.

You can find out how to ask for a review in the reply to your complaint – you should ask within 2 weeks of getting the reply.

When you ask for a review, explain which parts of the investigation or reply you’re not happy with.

Where complaints related to the Frontline Lead are submitted for review, this will be completed by the Chair of the Board of Trustees. Where complaints related to the Chief Executive Officer are submitted for review, this will be completed by the Trustee for Governance or their representative.

The Reviewer’s decision is final.