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Our Competition Winner is…

On the 3rd of June 2020, Support U launched the Diversity Matters Art Competition in celebration of Pride Month 2020 with a prize of £150 in vouchers. Thanks to everyone who submitted their art pieces for consideration!

Due to Covid-19, we’ve had to postpone the many pride celebrations planned and wanted to utilise this opportunity for service users and the general public to concentrate on their wellbeing through art! Our Art Competition was focused around any piece of art that conveyed why #DiversityMatters to the individual, and we’ve had some amazing entries! It was very difficult to choose the finalist, but we can now announce that the winner of the competition was Kelsey Baxter-Sibley with her fantastic artwork seen below! To check out more of her work, please do follow her over on Instagram: Kelseyjsketches.  

When asked why #DiversityMatters to her, Kelsey mentioned that…

Diversity matters to me because I believe everyone has the right to be equal, and that society and everyone’s lives would be enriched by the presence of people from other backgrounds. Diversity means people can learn from others life experiences, broaden their horizons and experience and learn from different cultures. My piece is inspired by all the different forms of diversity and two of the key movements that represent diversity – namely the Pride and Black Lives Matter movements.”

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