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LGBT+ teacher awareness training is now available for your primary or secondary school.

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What is LGBT+ Awareness Training for Teachers?

The LGBT+ awareness training is designed to give teachers an understanding of the issues that affect their pupils who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or identify as Transgender.

Through the training, teachers will gain an understanding of the risks to LGBT+ students, and steps that can be put in place to promote equality and diversity across the school environment.

What’s Included in the LGBT+ Awareness Training?
Training is usually conducted as a 90 minute interactive session, with Q&A and “safe space questions” included. Supporting training materials are provided, and teachers are encouraged to pass their knowledge throughout their teams.

Why is LGBT+ Awareness Training Important?
A staggering 9/10 secondary school teachers felt they had a duty to tackle LGBT+ related bullying, but did not have the training or confidence to do so.

Both Sexuality and Gender are part of the protected characteristics and are covered in both the Ofsted inspection framework, and are legally underpinned by the Equality Act 2010.

Young LGBT+ people are three times more likely to attempt suicide due to bullying and isolation. Almost 1 in 4 (23%) of LGBT+ young people had attempted suicide.

What Does The LGBT+ Awareness Training Cost?
We tailor our training to meet your needs, so whatever your budget, we can help! Our LGBT+ awareness training is subsidised as part of our Schools Outreach Programme.

This programme is designed to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues in their school, and help schools better respond, plan, and provision for LGBT+ students. Subsidy funding is available until Mar 2020 for schools like yours!

How Do I Book?
If we have not heard from you already, we cannot wait to be in touch to discuss your requirements. You can contact us by clicking here

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Fantastic discussions - good to hear other peoples perspectives etc. Feel much more confident in approaching conversations around sexuality and gender.
West Berkshire County Council - 2019
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