Support for Students

How can school's support LGBT+ students?

LGBT+ students face a multitude of concerns and issues in school from bullying to domestic abuse and mental health to homelessness. We beleive every student should be given the best opportunity to learn and grow, whilst maximising their experiences in schools across the UK. 

We have created 3 simple stages to enchancing the experience of LGBT+ students in your school and some quick fire questions… take a look:

Challenge Discrimination

It's ok to challenge

Students rely on you to challenge others when they do something that threatens their identity. They need you to be strong when they cannot be. We can provide specific training to support this.

Build Awareness

Inspire and Educate

Most bullying related to sexuality and gender is a result of a lack of understanding or awareness. Use specialist LGBT+ resources in your curriculum plans available on our website.

Be an Enabler

Own the Agenda

Its important that you dont presume that someone else is dealing with it. Step up and own the change. By simply representing LGBT+ students through acknowledgement, you can be the difference between a blocker and an enabler.

Not sure on how to deliver these in your school? Our dedicated School Liaison Team are on hand every week day to step in and assist. We can not only directly support your student through their concerns, but also provide you with key training, policy and development support to achieve the 3 points above. 

Every student has a right to be their best. Lets make that happen.

Still not sure, check out some quick FAQs below:

Should a student reach out to you and ask for assistance in an LGBT+ issue and to provide effective support you feel that you need a better understanding of LGBT+ issues please do get in contact! We are happy to help you better understand LGBT+ concerns for your students and assist in dealing with any issue appropriately. Please get in touch and we can take a look!

By law, it is becoming necessary for schools to have policies that cover their LGBT+ students and the issues they may face e.g. abuse, discrimination, harassent, homophobia, bullying and transphobia.

Should you recognise such a need in your school, we provide a service to write the LGBT+ inclusive policy for your school.

Please get in touch for a quote and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

From setting up our own, to others in businesses and schools around the Thames Valley area, we are very experienced in setting up LGBT+ youth groups. Should you have interest from students and be unsure on the steps, please get in touch and we can help!


Your place of education should be in the Thames Valley area. Support for individuals is free but some of the advice we give to education providers may incur a fee.

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