Our Partners

We work with some fantastic partners who provide us with funding and sponsorship. We love to shout about them and their products whenever we can.

People's Health Trust


People's Health Trust - Active Communities provides funding for local projects run by local people for the benefit of the community. PHT are supporting the creation and integration of our various support groups and social networks. These support groups and social networks allow individuals to access much needed assistance with general life queries, and support a positive health and wellbeing.

People's Postcode Trust


People's Postcode Trust provides funding a variety of worthy causes to support individuals across the UK. PPT are supporting the school outreach programme enabling our team to support individuals directly in schools through active training programmes and 1:1 support onsite. These much needed services are essential to ensuring we stamp out homophobia at the early stages of our service users lives.

National Lottery Heritage Fund



The National Lottery Heritage Fund is the largest dedicated funder of heritage in the UK.

The NLHF funding has been provided throughout the last 5 years for projects related to LGBT+ History, heritage and culture. Our current project is due to launch in 2020.



Zendesk are creators of the worlds best customer service and engagement platform used by some of the worlds biggest businesses

Our support service, self help guides and chat functions are all delivered in partnership with Zendesk.



Salesforce are world renowned for their industry focussed sales and client management system. Through the Salesforce For Good programme, we utilise the salesforce system to monitor and deliver our agreements required from our Grant Makers. Without it, we would literally be lost!

AMazon AWS


Amazon AWS is a market leading solution that provides small and large business alike with lightning fast, reliable and secure website hosting. Our websites are proudly and securely hosted in the AWS cloud.



Google is the search engine leader, and offers a suite of business features including email, calendars, storage, social networking, and largest range of advertising tools. Google powers our email, calendars and secure document drives, and allows us to utilise their advertising platform to gain great results.



Microsoft is the world leading software company offering a range of server and desktop operating systems, including the world's number one word processing software. Microsoft provides us with server and desktop licensing, and donates their popular Microsoft Office suite for all our users within the organisation.

Gateley PLC

Legal Services

Gateley actively raise much needed funds throughout the year for Support U as their Charity of the Year. They also provide active support for the LGBT+ community by providing a welcoming, supportive, safe and confidential space for staff affected by sexual orientation and gender identity issues to share experiences, ideas or concerns and to develop and maintain relationships with external LGBT+ groups and networks.

People HR


People is a human resources management system that helps you grow your business. Through the donation of their human resource management system, Support U is able to better support and grow our volunteer base including applicant tracking, onboarding, expenses and employee data. It makes our volunteer's journey the smoothest and most supportive available.



Voipfone is an award winning telephone system provided over your broadband connection. Their kind donation of telephony services ensure our team are able to answer your calls. Voipfone's flexibility to scale our service quickly and cost effectively is invaluable, backed up with award winning UK customer services.



Plesk is the leading WebOps hosting platform to run, automate and grow applications, websites and hosting businesses

Through their kind donation of their web server hosting platform, we are able to bring you this website and our project websites with super easy control and top level security!

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