Picture: Some of our team enjoying a local diversity day celebration.

We're not like most other voluntary organisations, we're fresh-faced, full of ideas, supported by some great people with a real passion!

3 Reasons to Volunteer (with us!)

We're like a big family
Not to be too cliché but we're one big family. You'll meet some fantastic people from your local area. We're just like your family, but cooler.

You'll learn something new everyday, guaranteed.
From the vaults of Oscar Wilde, through to learning the answer to "Where can I find a Gay clairvoyant?" You'll solve the mysteries to the questions we're asked.

You'll develop skills you didn't even realise you had
Fancy yourself as the next agony aunt, or professional painter? Join us and develop some great new skills and take part in some great opportunities whilst helping others.

Plus! If that wasn't enough....

A branded tee, ID card and lanyard
We'll kit you out with all the equipment you need to get to work, including one of our super-stylish polo tops, ID card and accompanying lanyard.

A summer BBQ, and Christmas party to remember
Our team know how to have a great time, and you'll be invited to come and enjoy a bite to eat and celebrate the progress we're making at our summer BBQ and Christmas doo!

Hold up! Don't I need to be LGBT+ to volunteer?

Actually, no. Over a third of our team are LGBT+ allies, we don't care about your sexuality, gender, race or even your age.

What we provide

All our volunteers undergo a full induction course which covers everything to get started, including an introduction to our organisation, our people, and our vision and goals. This includes:

Office and IT Skills
We've got some pretty high-tech systems, but don't worry we'll show you everything you need to know about navigating your way around the computer systems, email, and anything else you need to get up and running.

Industry-leading Training
We pride ourselves on the range of professional training services we offer to our corporate clients, we've developed a range of role plays, one to one sessions and group exercises. Our industry-leading online training gives you the knowledge you need in a care environment.

Constant Mentoring
We want you to be the best you can be, and our mentors are here to make sure you get help with any queries you have.

Am I eligible to volunteer?

Usually, yes! However there's a couple of pieces of information we'll need from you when you join. We're obliged to check your ID to make sure you are who you say you are. The government also requires us to check you're eligible to work in the UK.

Aged 16 or over - You'll need to be over 16 to volunteer with us.
If you're under 16 and looking for work experience placements, please contact us.

Photo ID - A passport or driving licence is needed for us to verify your identity, you'll be asked to bring this along with you.

National Insurance Number - This is so we can check your eligibility to work (or volunteer) in the UK. If you are on a study visa, please check the conditions before you apply.

4 Hours per Week - We ask our volunteers to commit to a minimum of 4 hours a week, we've found this is the optimal minimum to provide our clients with a great service.

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Did you know? A £10 donation, doubled-up by our partner The Good Exchange, is enough for us to deliver 1 counselling session.