Third Party Requests Policy

Looking for us to help in your research or advertise your LGBT+ service?

At Support U, we receive dozens of requests from external parties requesting that we support their initiatives or research related to LGBT+ persons in the United Kingdom. 

Over the years, the charity has attempted to support a number of these initiatives in order to build awareness and champion research into LGBT+ Life. Given that these requests continue to grow in complexity, volume and dimensions we have had to build a policy in relation to how we proceed with such requests. This policy is to provide transparency and clarity to our service users, partners, funders and connections on how we assess and implement such arrangements where appropriate.

Requests covered by this policy (collectively known as "Third Party Requests") include:
- Academic research requesting volunteers, staff or service users to participate or provide feedback
- Commercial research of any nature
- Television interviews/speakers/research
- Advertising or promotion on our social media platforms for LGBT+ Services, activities and goods.
- Advertising or promotion of social media groups not operated by Support U
- Advertising or promotion of events/meet-ups not operated by Support U

Request Process

Third Party Requests will only be accepted through email to your nominated business contact or through the Business/Education Contact Us page on this site.

When your request is received it will be reviewed by the Marketing/PR team and the CEO. The CEO will submit recommended requests to the Board of Trustees for final approval. Only once final approval is received will the request be acknowledged. 

Should the request not meet our criteria below, fall outside our remit or be deemed not to be appropriate for our service users, company ethos or values, you will be notified that we are unable to proceed with your request. If you have not heard from us within 21 days of your request, we are not able to proceed with your request.

Criteria for consideration

We review all requests against the below criteria before approving or declining such a request:

- Requestors and/or their representative organisation must have an established working relationship with the charity
- Requestors and their representative organisation must be accredited through one of our schemes such as Rainbow Flag Award where applicable to their sector.
- The requested service must be specifically aimed at and applicable to our service users or the LGBT+ communities in the Thames Valley
- The request must be adequate, relevant, truthful, correct and suitable
- The request must not be derogatory, defamatory, aggressive, discriminatory or otherwise offensive 
- The request cannot generate profit, require payment or drive sales unless agreed by us in writing
- The request will not require the sharing of data related to our service users, platforms, funders, partners, associates, staff or volunteers.
- The request must not violate or be perceived to violate data protection legislation or regulations
- The request must not violate or be perceived to violate our Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy

It should be noted that Support U Limited, it's associates, partners, funders, service users, volunteers and staff are not obliged to act on or respond to Third Party Requests but will endeavour to do so wherever possible.

We will not consider requests that:
- would request or require us to disclose ANY details related to our service users, partners, funders, associates, staff or volunteers
- would intentionally breach or be perceived to have breached legislation or regulation
- are from unverifiable sources
- we believe to go against our ethos, values, mission or objectives
- are for services that compete with or could be confused with ours
- may bring the charity into disrepute
- has a primary or sole purpose to generate profit or sales

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