Our specialist trainers and support teams can help your business to champion Diversity and Inclusion and stamp out discrimination.

Support U LGBT

We provide a full package of commercial services surrounding diversity and inclusion agendas with speciality in LGBT subjects.

Our expert trainers are able to deliver full training suites, consultation on policies and procedures and the creation of LGBT Networks amongst other things.

Our commercial services are tailored to meet your business needs and are unique to your circumstances.

Some of the key areas we can provide solutions for include:

  • Stamping out Homophobia training
  • Legislative requirements and compliance checking
  • Policy wording/implementation
  • "What is LGBT" awareness sessions
  • You and your workforce (Board Level Mentoring)
  • Diversity and Inclusion complete training suites

Our team are looking forward to working with you further to ensure everyone has the equality they deserve in their work and education.

Did you know? A £10 donation, doubled-up by our partner The Good Exchange, is enough for us to deliver 1 counselling session.