LGBT+ Education Resources

Our school liaison team, alongside some of our project teams, really love to source, build and create new/exciting LGBT+ resources for you to use free of charge at your education establishment.

These resources are provided to enable you as educators to build awareness of LGBT+ life, challenges and heritage in your classrooms to ensure we eliminate discrimination through partnership and understanding. All that we ask when using our free resources below is that you credit the author(s).

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Our friends at the Proud Trust have developed some amazing lesson plans and packs to cover an array of areas related to LGBT+ Life. 

The LGBT+ History Month Education and Resource Pack 2021.

Built around this year’s theme of “Body, Mind Spirit”, this is a fun and engaging way to learn about the rich heritage of LGBT+ people from recent, and not so recent, history. There is also the chance for young people to take their place in LGBT+ history by entering a competition to design the logo and badge for LGBT+ History Month 2022!


The Rainbow Flag Award Classroom.

A set of 48 LGBT+ inclusive lesson plans, that link to the National Curriculum and give a sprinkling of LGBT+ lives and people across all key stages and all subject areas.


Reading’s Local LGBT+ Heritage – The Wolfenden Report

The Wolfenden 60 project was funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund in 2017 and marked the 60th anniversary of the publication of the Wolfenden Report and the 50th year since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality. This project aimed to provide a video of the legacy of Wolfenden’s work, which is available here, 

The project also created some fantastic educational resources, including a seven-part resource pack to be used in the classroom. It holds single or multiple lesson plans and includes advice for the delivery of queer history. Please find this here: Wolfenden 60

Sessions Available:  

Session A: An Introduction to LGBT+ History

Session B: Historical Controversy in LGBT+ history

Session C: Role of the state in regulating private life

Session D: Identity: what does it mean and why is it important? 

Session E: Gender Identity 

Session F: Sexualities

Train the Trainer Package – training for educational providers, teachers or schools to deliver the above sessions and more!

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Uncovering Hidden Voices

Hidden Voices was an LGBT+ Local History project from 2014It highlighted the lives and times of LGBT+ Reading. A video was created from the research of the organisations and venues in Reading from the 70/80’s to present day 

The project aimed to uncover the stories of those from in and around the Reading area that identify as LGBT+ and their allies.

The video linked above is a culmination/collection of their voices for future generations to experience and understand that the liberties we have now were not always available to us.

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