… and the winner of the #DiversityMatters Art Competition is…

On the 3rd of June 2020, Support U launched the Diversity Matters Art Competition in celebration of Pride Month 2020 with a prize of £150 in vouchers. Thanks to everyone who submitted their art pieces for consideration!

Due to Covid-19, we’ve had to postpone the many pride celebrations planned and wanted to utilise this opportunity for service users and the general public to concentrate on their wellbeing through art! Our Art Competition was focused around any piece of art that conveyed why #DiversityMatters to the individual, and we’ve had some amazing entries! It was very difficult to choose the finalist, but we can now announce that the winner of the competition was Kelsey Baxter-Sibley with her fantastic artwork seen below! To check out more of her work, please do follow her over on Instagram: Kelseyjsketches.  

When asked why #DiversityMatters to her, Kelsey mentioned that…

Diversity matters to me because I believe everyone has the right to be equal, and that society and everyone’s lives would be enriched by the presence of people from other backgrounds. Diversity means people can learn from others life experiences, broaden their horizons and experience and learn from different cultures. My piece is inspired by all the different forms of diversity and two of the key movements that represent diversity – namely the Pride and Black Lives Matter movements.”

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#DiversityMatters Art Competition

Due to the current restrictions on public events, for Pride Month this year we’re launching our #DiversityMatters Art Competition! We are looking for any pieces of art (that can be hung on a wall) that focus on how and why #DiversityMatters. This campaign will run throughout the month of June so we look forward to seeing your submissions! With a £150 gift card prize for the best entry, we can’t wait to see your creations during this lockdown, so get your creative hats on! The winning piece will be collected for display at Support U’s offices and any other top entries will be considered for display.

To submit your entry between June 1st – 30th, please fill out the following form and don’t forget to attach the photo of your entry!


Submissions should be made only online using the link above. Submissions should not be sent by post or any other means unless requested by Support U due to covid-19 restrictions. Entries that are not submitted via the correct method will not be counted.

Staff and Volunteers of Support U are free to submit artwork, but will not be eligible to take part in the competition or receive any prize.

Terms and Conditions do apply:
1. Until requested by Support U, please do not send your entries to the office; this is to allow for the art to be collected and stored safely for 7 days to allow for Covid-19 guidelines.
2. By submitting your entry, you give expressed irrevocable permission for Support U to take ownership of and display the submission indefinitely and without license or warrant.
3. Submission of entries will only be accepted until 30th June 2020. Any entries submitted after this date will not be counted towards the competition.
4. One entry per person is allowed, any repeat entries won’t be entered into the competition and the first submitted piece will be entered into the draw.
5. At its discretion, Support U reserves the right to change the prize to something of a similar, or the same value.
6. The Judges decisions are final.
7. Staff and Volunteers of Support U are free to submit artwork, but will not be eligible to take part in the competition or receive any prize.
8. Entries made by someone under the age of 18 will be accepted with parental permission, and the prize must be claimed by someone over the age of 18.
9. Support U cannot be held liable for failings in submission, missed entries or lost entries.
10. The winning entry will be required to submit the artwork to our offices at their expense.
11. The prize is £150 of vouchers but is subject to change to something of equal value if necessary (non cash).

2.6 Challenge

2.6 Challenge

Welcome to the 2.6 challenge! – Covid-19 is impacting everyone, everywhere, and the charity sector is also feeling its disastrous effects.

To support charities, organisers from the nation’s biggest fundraising event, the London Marathon, have created the 2.6k challenge for everyone to give back to the causes they support.

Support U are looking to raise the funds to by our home in Castle Street, so 

Jess, instead of walking 100km in September will be climbing the stairs in 15 Castle Street 260 times, this is the equivalent of walking up and down Ben Nevis in Scotland. 

Chris, in light of his planned half marathon will be running 26km while staying within 2.6 km of his home.

If you’d like to fundraise with us, simply set yourself a challenge such as a 2.6k jog or climbing the stairs 26 times and start raising money so we can continue to Support U.

For more information and fundraising ideas please head to:

Please use the link below to donate to Support U:




Staying Safe while in lockdown

Are you finding it difficult to be yourself right now?

There are 1’000’s of LGBT+ people in the same position. The added issue for you is that you can’t call anyone, the house is busy and someone might hear you.

Here at Support U we have a dedicated team ready to take an online chat with you. Please use it and go stealth, if you can.

Everyone talks about mental health but if what your hiding is hard for you to talk about, then reach out to us. We are a confidential support service for LGBT+ and questioning people. 

You are not alone. We stand by you. We respect your situation and understand it.